Dec 31, 2019

Why Another Blog?

Blogging has been a deep interest area for me from the time when the internet meant only porn, walking out of Cyber Cafe was a criminal act and dial-up connections at homemade orchestral music hitting all frequencies while the phone attempted to connect to the internet. I am talking about the early 2000s when the internet was a luxury. I remember we had a Compaq Presario at home and it was without any internet connection. Of course, the internet was supposed to spoil the kids. However, somehow we managed to use the dial-up connection occasionally.

Even in those days, I recall I was keen to write and create some content for the world to read. I remember the title of my very first blog, it was called - Technology, Management & What Not !!! (Ya, there were 3 exclamation marks). I kicked off writing thinking the world would read, but as the harsh reality hits every newbie blogger, you are your only reader.
However, the interest in blogging never dosed off. I kept on writing whatever I found interesting and continued comparing Wordpress and Blogger to zero down upon which is a better platform.
Though there was no defined strategy in writing those days, the attempt was to keep writing. One fine year, academics took its toll and the writing completely stalled.

A year and a half later when I went back to the original blog, I saw that few people have been reading some of my articles on marketing. The interest rekindled. I started removing all content which was non-marketing/brand/management and retained articles only with one common subject - Marketing. Moving in the same direction, now with some strategy, I started writing only on Marketing, giving the blog some direction. Slowly and gradually the page started catching up momentum and started ranking on Google Search results for a few frequently looked upon Marketing keywords. This led to the birth of
Today, the page now has regular visitors and hosts some quality content on Marketing.

This evolution of a personal blog to a public portal on Marketing limited my area to write on other subjects. After all, I didn’t want to take regular visitors on the page by surprise. You don’t expect a blockbuster Bollywood movie on Discovery, right.

On that note, I start off this blog on the last day of Dec 2019 to quench my thirst for expressing view beyond just marketing. This blog will have my thoughts and opinions on a broader range of topics - from personal finance, politics, technology, and whatnot, but some of them might still have a flavor of business or marketing.

I am not surprised if you guessed that this falls under the new year resolution plan. Unlike my resolutions which don’t see the light of the day, I hope this one will stay alive and kicking.

Thank you for dropping in. For my piece specifically on marketing, please visit