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This New Year Aim Beyond the Obvious

As the end of the year was approaching, everyone in the office was planning for the end of year review and forward planning for 2020. That brought us to the Strategy and Planning Meet 2020 mid-December. The meet did what it was aimed at – discussions on challenges faced last year, setting the right context for the year, felicitating the performers and boosting confidence and motivation in everyone else. In mid of the meet one of the senior leaders popped a question to everyone – What’s your aim in 2020? And everyone unanimously and in chorus yelled – Increase market share of the brand they were working for. I had a different aim in my mind but thankfully I didn’t shout out loud. The senior leader was elated with everyone’s answer and popped the question again to hear a louder response this time. And this time like everyone else I joined the bandwagon and yelled that increasing the market share was my aim too. The incident popped a thou

The Rise and Fall of TV Stars

Recently I read about one of the famous TV stars Kushal Punjabi's demise. The reason of death is not clear. However, people say it was personal. To be honest, I could hardly recall a face when I read the news. But when I saw images of the actor flashing across various channels and news websites, I recalled seeing him in some show (still cannot recall which one). I won’t be surprised if it’s been a similar case with you. A lot of people who saw the news had Oh-Ya-This-Guy kind of reaction. Well, Kushal Punjabi was a decently famous face in his good days. And those were the days when daily soaps were on their high. Every other show got people clinging to their televisions and every onscreen couple became a well know household name - in some cases the screen name was their actual name for the audience. This ignites a thought. Many times the root cause of personal issues could be a professional failure. Though we do not know if that was the case with Kusha