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Make of Break for E-Commerce amid Covid-19 Lockdown in India

Many see the Covid-19 lockdown as an opportunity for E-Commerce firms. Rightly so, as the government is favoring the fulfillment of essential items via the channel. However, it is almost a make or break situation with e-commerce companies. They may either create a lasting first impression or they might just lose their face amid various operational challenges in the lockdown. All firms want the new user to download their app, register and place their first order under various in-house new user acquisition programs. But it is not the only step to build a loyal customer base. The new user acquisition needs to be serviced to create customer delight and build advocacy. Various factors that are out of control of the e-commerce firms might just break instead of making a loyal customer base. A detailed opinion piece HERE . In a nutshell, t he lockdown is now a double-edged sword for these firms, on one hand, there is a pool of new customers waiting to jump on the bandwagon and on th

Which companies might see increasing consumption in Coronavirus Outbreak?

The Covid-19 outbreak has shaken more than 150 countries on the planet. Though the consumption across all sectors is up for a toss with IMF declaring that the world has entered a recession, there could be a silver lining for some industries. Industries with increasing consumption could possibly be: Healthcare and Medical Services Insurance - Life, Term etc- Broadband Services DTH Connections OTT Platform Subscriptions E-Commerce - In geographies where the lockdown allows the deliveries to happen. All the above-mentioned industries might just witness a momentarily bump up in numbers. In the long run, the sooner we get over Covid-19, the better it is for world economy. A detailed opinion piece on this can be accessed HERE . Stay Safe.