Which companies might see increasing consumption in Coronavirus Outbreak?

The Covid-19 outbreak has shaken more than 150 countries on the planet.
Though the consumption across all sectors is up for a toss with IMF declaring that the world has entered a recession, there could be a silver lining for some industries.

Industries with increasing consumption could possibly be:

  1. Healthcare and Medical Services
  2. Insurance - Life, Term etc-
  3. Broadband Services
  4. DTH Connections
  5. OTT Platform Subscriptions
  6. E-Commerce - In geographies where the lockdown allows the deliveries to happen.

All the above-mentioned industries might just witness a momentarily bump up in numbers. In the long run, the sooner we get over Covid-19, the better it is for world economy.

A detailed opinion piece on this can be accessed HERE.

Stay Safe.


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