5 Life Lessons from the Rubik's Cube

One of the resolutions I have this year is solving all sides of the Rubik's Cube without assistance. Though I haven't given it a shot with 100% dedication this year but there have been interesting life lessons which I can already derive from the cube.

Lesson # 1
Life is a mix of different shades
Like a cube, life is a mix of many things. Each color can be one aspect of your life - say Family, Work, Health etc-. While you want to keep moving through all of these, things become difficult to manage without the right approach and mindset.

Lesson # 2
The right approach can solve the biggest problems
Solving the Rubik's Cube is tricky but only till you don't know the approach. Following the right approach and first and foremost believing that the problem can be solved makes things more manageable.

Lesson # 3
Obsession in solving with one problem can generate many more
While one glides through solving the Rubik's cube there are instances where you are stuck at solving a pattern. While getting through the stuck pattern, you need to take care that the pieces which are already in place do not lose their positions.
Similarly, while you try to fix various aspects of life, make sure that the ones already in place stay as is and do not lead to even more complexities. Do not get obsessed with one aspect of life scarifying many other things.

Lesson # 4
Every success is more difficult than the previous one
The more the Rubik's cube gets in shape, the harder it becomes to solve the next step. The most difficult part of solving the cube is most likely the last layer when everything else is in place.
Similarly, as we proceed, the complexities in life will only bump up and we need to glide through it.

Lesson # 5
You are your biggest competition
Just solving the Rubik's cube once is no one's goal. Once solved, the player himself feels the desire for solving it faster.
Remember, you are your own competition. Everything you achieve something in life, try to better yourself instead of looking at others.


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