Are Digital Marketing Courses Worth ?

One common question that I have been bombarded with every now and then is - Whether the digital marketing courses offered by various institutes do any good to enhance knowledge and career progression?

This common question comes from professionals across industries and across different seniority levels. And of course, it is a valid question as all professionals want to stay relevant to the changing market scenario. No one wants to be left out or become obsolete in the digital era.

Most of the times I face questions on recommending courses that can simultaneously help individuals gain knowledge and also provide them a launchpad to scale up in the career. To be honest, I refrain from recommending any course except Google's.

Here is my response to the queries I have faced from many. If you have directly interacted with me with this question, I would have told you the same thing which I write in this piece. The entire article can be read HERE.

Just because you landed on this page, here is summarising the conclusion. I believe none of the courses on digital comes in handy until you practice the learnings. One can kick off with Google's Academy for Ads but more importantly, you need to practice the learnings, create a little blog (maybe like this one) and try to optimize the page. Practice Social Media Marketing and try to promote a Facebook page of the blog you created. Start a PPC account, create a campaign, spend some advertising money and learn. In the end, the blog, the page, the campaign created all might end up biting the dust and not sustain. But all of it combined will definitely leave with you knowledge of a lifetime which no course can match.

Still interested in the entire thought process behind the above recommendation, head over HERE.


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