What is Contactless Delivery?

With the Covid Crisis hitting highs, one term which is on the tip of everyone, especially marketers, is 'Contactless Delivery'. Every e-commerce company is claiming their services to be safe as they practice, apparently, the newly invented Contactless Delivery. But what exactly do these firms mean by the term? Let's try and figure out.

What exactly is Contactless Delivery?

Food delivery and e-commerce portals have been exploiting the term quite to the maximum. So, I decided to look into the Contactless Delivery promise made by Swiggy, Zomato, Dominos, Amazon etc- Amongst a lot of points made by brands on sanitization and hygiene the below two were the bold promise under the contactless delivery initiative:

  1. Deliver and Step Back: The delivery guy will leave your parcel at your doorstep and step back. In a few cases, he might just leave the parcel at the designated place and inform you sp that you can pick it up. Say, your building reception gate or your office reception.
  2. No Cash Payment: This follows the first point. When the delivery guy aims to keep a 3-meter distance from you, obviously the order payment has to be online. Handling physical cash defeats the purpose of contactless delivery.

Contactless Delivery Zomato

How different is Contactless Delivery compared to Pre-Covid Times?

To be very honest, the above-mentioned points would be nothing new for a majority of people ordering on e-commerce portals. Firstly, even on a regular day, there would be so many instances where consumers make an online payment because they get cashback offers on cards etc-. Secondly, the act of stepping a couple of steps back after carrying your order all the way to your doorstep is not that big a deal. Even in the Pre-Covid era, I remember instances where the Swiggy delivery guy will just leave the parcel behind on the door latch, press the bell and vanish. In fact, Milkbasket, an online grocery delivery app had this no disturbance delivery as the core of their proposition right from the day they launched around 2 yrs back.

So though there could be a lot of talking around 'Contactless Delivery' you should take your own care amid this outbreak.

Stay Safe.


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