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India Will Bounce Back Quick and There is a Sad Reason Behind

There are no signs if Coronavirus taking a back seat in India. In fact, new cases and deaths are at an all-time high. From being nowhere in the tally, India steadily climbed in the top 10 nations worst hit by COVID pandemic. As I write this India ranks 5th in the world . Global COVID Tally as on June 7 (Source: Bloomberg Quint) And the worst part is that the daily growth rate is at an all-time time high which further means that India will soon surpass more nations very soon. All this amidst claims from other nations that the country is not conducting enough tests. Daily COVID Cases in India That sounds like a worrisome story, isn't it? Let's see another side of India. On one hand, where the COVID impact is at an all-time high, the fear of the virus is at an all-time low . From the time lockdown has eased in the country, people are flocking in markets, making purchases (largely essentials) and are sounding more relaxed than before .  Numbers suggest a rapid recovery in FMCG. By

Dear Digital Firms, You are Just Unlucky !!!

Recently a probe has been initiated against Google India by the CCI. The complaint was filed in Feb 20 and the Competition Commission of India (CCI) was dealing with the antitrust probe. So what is the complaint about?   The complaint alleges that Google more prominently showcases its Google Pay app inside its Android app store in India, giving it an unfair advantage over apps of competitors which hurts consumers.   Though it might NOT be legally OK, this makes me wonder that when a company has worked hard to attain a leadership position wouldn’t it want to encash it by cross-selling and up-selling.   Doesn’t a Consumer Durable company use its database to sell say a Soundbar with a TV? Assuming that it’s a market leader, would that be a breach? Don't banks in the country try to sell you insurance or investment products? Infact there are banks with a robust Pan India network which don't even entertain opening a new account till you buy an insurance or investment product. And yes